About Us

Fighting Covid-19 in the lab, to keep our kids safe initiative

About Us

The Foundation for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Disease is a Nonprofit, Public Charity that is dedicated to finding the best possible methods to help prevent and control diseases. The Foundation is supported solely by volunteer workers, and absolutely no donations are used as salaries for anyone, including officers. All funds are used to purchase products and/or monitoring supplies for aid in disaster areas, health departments and hospitals, when the need arises to control an infectious disease outbreak.

The Foundation continually looks toward new ways of controlling diseases, especially in the areas of green and non-chemical products that can eradicate, sanitize or disinfect places where diseases may begin to populate. To date, we have had success in reaching many of these goals and continue to look to new technologies to use in accomplishing our purpose.

With the great increase in population, more viruses and bacteria mutate and continue to affect the human population. Controlling and preventing a outbreak, epidemic or pandemic has become of primary concern to those in the health field. However, funds are becoming limited for many of these organizations, so donations are needed to help fill the void so they can continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible and you may be provided with a letter of donation, if needed. At times, corporations are able to donate testing devices or products which can help in infected areas; and then monetary donations can be used to fill the void where other supplies are needed.

We appreciate the tireless work from volunteers received throughout the years, as well as the donated funds and equipment that we have received to accomplish our mandates. As we look to the future, we see a surge of technologies in the way of green and non-chemical products which will vastly improve sanitizing ability and in a larger way have a positive impact on our planet.

Kind Regards,

Foundation for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Disease