FCPID School Recommendations

  1. Upon entering school, have each child use an alcohol based rinse for their hands.  (For children under 12, have an adult administer the rinse)
  2. Add additional lunch times where less children will utilize cafeterias together.
  3. Have every other child in each classroom take lunch in the cafeteria.  Have the remaining students eat their lunches in their classroom, with doors or windows open as applicable for air circulation.  (Stagger children each day so that the same children aren’t in the cafeteria or classroom each day.)
  4. Since less children will be utilizing cafeterias at the same time, due to following steps 3 & 4, separate each child by having them sit in every other seat during lunch.
  5. Before and after lunch period, have each child sanitize their hands by either washing them with soap and water or by using an alcohol based rinse.

*Any child who has fever/chills, should be required to have a 2 week quarantine and a negative covid-19 test prior to returning to school. (Schools should have proper online learning tools in place for any children that have to quarantine at home).

*All school districts should have active requests to local, state, and federal government agencies to provide Covid-19 tests for all incoming students.

Parents our the front line to Keep Our Kids Safe Initiative.

Important Guidelines for Parents

Parents – Keep children home who have any signs of cough, sore throat, sneezing, and especially fever/chills.

Have pickup instructions in place for the school, in case your child exhibits systems while at school and is expected to be picked up ASAP.

Sick children should be kept home, to slow the spread of Covid_19.Schools

Any student who exhibits signs of sickness should immediately be sent to a nurses office or main office and kept from other students.

Any student exhibiting sickness should have their temperature checked.  

We ask our students to exhibit creativity in the classroom.  How much more so, should we as administrators, educators, and teachers.  By staggering school start times, adding additional lunch periods, and having all students wear breathable disposable masks.  Using alcohol rinses before, during, and after school, we can take the fight to Covid-19, and give our school age children and their teachers a fighting chance!